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Off we go

Cracka lackin, fire it up. Here we go.

I'm leaving on a jet plane today to begin Alt Summit, and I'm excited to represent a brand and a talented group of people who have assisted me in this blogging journey. All of the outfits are planned with a ton (for me) of accessories packed, shoes ready, cosmetics, and even stacks of business cards.

I'm feverishly writing lunchbox notes for my husband to add to my kiddo's meals while I'm away. I'm going to miss my three biggest cheerleaders. They wonder what all this blog stuff is about. And I try to explain to them the importance of following their dreams and reaching for things they think are out of reach...even if it means we have to be separated for a few days. Large, open eyes stare back, and I know they don't quite understand, but I feel their love sending me off in their biggest open-heart gesture.

My husband has filled the car with gas, tended to every last detail so that I have to think of nothing but getting myself prepared, and he's told me again and again how proud he is of me. That kind of support, love, and enthusiasm is the once-in-a-lifetime treatment that I get every day, and I'm truly thankful for his big shoulders holding me up.

You can catch the happenings over on Instagram (@parscaeli) or via Twitter. I'll be using the #altrep and #PCalt if you search around. :)

Thanks to all of you for your sweet wishes!!

xoxo, MJ