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If I were a _______, I'd be...

Sometimes simple events really capture my imagination. Brittany of the The House that Lars Built and Meta from One More Mushroom have put together a fun giveaway, asking folks to Instagram a photo that answers, "If I were a room, I'd be..."

I'll admit it I love asking people the silly what if inquiries. I've been known to throw in a good, "If you were (insert here vegetable, fabric, vehicle, etc.), what would you be?" to your average cocktail hour dinner party. Some find these sorts of questions forced, immature, and stupid. I find that they lead people to creativity, even if through a mocking and sarcastic path.

I hadn't yet thought about what kind of room I'd be (until yesterday), and I really enjoyed clicking through some of my boards on Pinterest to remember what visual spaces had inspired me.

I landed kerplunk right on this one, and it's playfulness, bold feel, and all around joyful aura made me say If I were a room, I'd be this one right here.

Featured on SF Girl by Bay and photographed by Adriaan Louw

I hope that I get picked to win the something fancy for my home decor, but even if I don't, I have loved seeing the rooms of people I know and imagining the kinds of people that might be attached to images I see coming in.

Look at some of these other interesting submissions:

What Every Creative Needs: A Space to be Inspired by Nature from Eden Hensley

If I were a room I'd have a special space you have to sneak away to to read your books. from
Ashley mae Hoiland

Dreamy kitchen from Country Living mag from Melissa

Check out the entire collection by following the #ifiwerearoomgiveaway. Go ahead and enter by Friday, too, but just realize, I'm gonna win!

I don't have a giveaway to offer, but this "what if" game has me thinking...

If you wanna play along, use the hash tag #ifiwereanoutfit. It's even okay to offer more than one idea. I'm still putting mine together, but I'll be sure to share once I've come up with something that fits me.

Have a bright weekend, and don't forget to celebrate the normal!

xoxo, MJ

For the love of blogging: The artist

What's going on, lovelies? I am so delighted to kick off this new Thursday series on Pars Caeli. As I mentioned last week during Melanie's book tour post, we are celebrating blogging and bloggers all throughout the month of April.

Pars Caeli is one year today (see the very first post)!! And though I'd love to throw some great contests and offer gifts, this blog runs on a $30/month budget so instead I'm bringing you inspiration and wisdom (with some laughs thrown in) as my gift. I've lassoed an amazing cast of bloggers from various backgrounds and experiences; some fresh on the scene and some with years of experience. I hope their passion (and mine) for the great big blogging universe will encourage you to go after your dreams, both big and small.

First up, Paige of Approaching Joy. **Disclaimer: Paige is one of my favorite blogger pals. She and I are headed on a great adventure in AltNYC in June!! One year ago, she was also the lady who pushed me off the blog diving board to click "publish."


I started blogging at Approaching Joy in late January of 2012.  Before that I had kept blogs for a few weeks at a time but always got frustrated when I couldn't make my space "pretty" and gave up quickly thereafter. I actually took a blog design class in conjunction with starting Approaching Joy so design was less frustrating... kind of...


I say "kind of" because, when I was taking that first blog design class I spent anywhere from two to three hours a DAY for two weeks trying to figure out what I wanted my blog to look like.  It bordered on obsessive, and I think my roommates thought I started an illegal drug habit (since I spent most of that time in my room, yelling at my computer.)  I think I even blogged mostly about blog design in that first (icky) period.


Luckily, it was just one of those things that I had to get out of my system and then I could turn my attention to fun stuff.




I keep blogging because (wow, this is going to sound horrible) but I kind of feel like it's my pixel-child.  

Newborn phase: Design, establishing, and not a lot of sleep.  
Toddler phase: Learning what I need to learn.  Links, code, etiquette, tantrums, etc.
Elementary phase: Going out, meeting people, having fun.
Angst-ridden teen phase: Where I'm at now.  Transitioning from blogging "what I should do" into "what I want to do."  Oh yea, total blog rebel over here.



Most of my best inspiration happens while I'm away from the computer. Pinterest is cool but, personally, nothing beats a walk on a trail, a cup of coffee at a local shop, or a drive down a dirt road to really get my creative cogs turning.




I feel like I know the blogger behind the screen in all the blogs I read. At times this means I am interested but intimidated, empathizing over rough spots, or taken aback by someone's hard work.


But always, always, I can see their personality, or else I won't keep reading.


(I choose to answer this question in a "Zombies just ate the Internet" kind of way, instead of a "my computer broke, sad day" kind of way.) If I had to stopping blogging tomorrow, I would lose a sizable chunk of my personal community. The people I've "met" through my blog have become friends and sisters, people who I share inside jokes with, people whose children I care about, people who make me smile on a day when everything else is gray.


Serious sadness.



Outside of the blog I make art (which I am trying to work up the courage to share more often on the blog.)
Outside of the blog I make delicious dinners with my husband.
Outside of the blog I drink way too much caffeine, am allergic to the dogs I love, and try to be kind to everyone I meet.


I'm also trying to start a business that ties art into community and makes it a big part of my region's culture. But that's a big secret that I'm only willing to share with Pars Caeli readers.


Love it!! Thanks, Paige for gracing the pages of Pars Caeli and for your constant support throughout this first year. Follow Paige on Instagram at @approaching_joy to see some of her latest creations. And if you want to have some fun, engage her in some witty banter via Twitter.

Have a bright weekend, friends! I'll be saying a prayer of thanksgiving for each of you that stop by this site. It's been an eye-opening first year, and I hope to share so much more with you over the next 12 months.

xoxo, MJ