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Design Stitch Go and Louise: 12 Bloggers Christmas

Are the post-Christmas days getting you down? Bummed to take down the tree? Take a load off and sit back for our third day of Christmas. The lovely Louise of Design Stitch Go (formerly of Laid Off Mom) is here with us today, and she's launching a new creative venture that you will want to get behind. 

I started blogging back in the summer of 2011 as a means of coping with my lay off. I wanted to share my creativity, my words, and bits and pieces of my life. I was always shy or modest about my creative process and my abilities and blogging gave me the confidence to come out of my shell. I've, since then, bonded w/ some amazing women (ahem...MJ being one of 'em!) and I honestly, can't imagine myself NOT blogging =)
What keeps me blogging?
The ability to share with a community, as well as, learn from a community. There's a strong bond among bloggers, and the support and motivation I give and immense and extremely humbling.  
I feel like I've also been able to hone in on myself...what inspires me.A nd more importantly find out who I am, in a creative sense. What my style aesthetic is, and where I excel the most.  
I never realized what a BAD ASS I was at watercolor, til I picked up a paintbrush this year. And it was even more gratifying finding out, through my blog, that other people appreciated my art pieces as well.
I'm actually at the beginning of a new blog: Design Stitch Go but I've been blogging for 2 years at Laid Off Mom.  I've since, turned the lights out on Laid Off Mom, but I'll always think fondly of it and everything I learned from it. Design Stitch Go! is a product of an "a-ha!" moment I had this year....following my love and passion for apparel design and construction.
And I'm always up for a laugh, a giggle or a chat on:
Design Stitch Go! is still in the early set up phase, there are only 2 posts right now haha...but January will bring some great content, so be sure to visit!!  But here's a few posts of apparel that I constructed from my previous blog:
My only wish for my blog in 2014 is "love". To continue to LOVE what I'm doing and share it with everyone! =)
Louise is a sweetheart with talent oozing out of her little finger. From fashion to crafting to painting to interior design, this gal is on top of it. I've been blessed to have Louise on my team for most of my blogging journey - to inspire, to motivate, and to laugh alongside. I am so excited for her new adventure over at Design Stitch Go, and see where she takes the fashion world.
I love this quote from her new about page because it encompasses the ethos of Louise:
Stop by everyday to see what I’m creating or what inspires me!  Or if you need help with your own design projects, I got you girrrl!
2014 is going to be a fabulous year for Louise, so tune in and watch her grow! I hope I can keep up.
xoxo, MJ
P.S. Tomorrow's blogger will encompass design, life, and kids all in one!! Don't miss it!
The top 4 for fall

Today, my friends, I have a delightful collaboration to share with you. I've huddled up with three of my favorite stylish bloggers to offer you the Top 4 for fall. These ladies are not fashion bloggers per se; they're classy women who exude a distinctive look. If you are not subscribing to their blogs, I highly suggest you add them to your list. Happy surprises will follow!



We're each sharing a must have for fall fashion. Hop over to Frock Files, Minnow + Co., and Laid Off Mom to see the essentials! (And now that I have these gals snookered in, you just might see a few more Top 4s coming your way.)

For me it's all about some great animal prints for fall. I know this trend has been around for a few seasons. To keep it fresh for 2013, the best way to take advantage of the patterns and tones is through sharp accessories. 



Carried with jeans or a little black dress, this Madison Phoebe bag from Coach is on my wishlist (donations currently accepted)! The slouch and structure are right in balance and the print is beautifully organic. At $350 it would make a big dent in my wallet, but the elegant styling with hints of gold would last (right?!).

Save For It:

The Ashby Calf Hair is a fantastic combo of wearable and statement. These 3.5 inch lovelies add punch to any outfit and are classic enough to last through the trends of a few seasons. I'm saving up for a purchase soon! And guess what, they're from Land's End.

Right Now:

At $9.95, this umbrella from H&M is just right for any of us to add to our fall wardrobe. It's a statement, on trend, and if it grows old for you, your bank account will be no worse for wear.


What's caught your eye for fall? Do share, do share!!

xoxo, MJ



Make It Monday: Typography Results!

Happy Monday! It's party time over here at Pars Caeli. I was super duper lucky to be able to host this month's DIY date, typically hosted by the amazing Louise. She let me pick our project, and I chose one of my faves - TYPOGRAPHY.

I've been a font nerd ever since childhood when I remember loving certain picture books because I liked how the letters looked. And now... I am delighted that I could convince some talented ladies to show their letter love, too, through beautiful art pieces. Check out the links below to read the stories behind these pieces and in some cases, download your own versions. From all around the interwebs I present to you, our DIY date:

1. Emily (a real, live amazing artist) created this piece in honor of her blog birthday. Inspired (go get it)!

2. Joy, style queen and talented writer, brought love to life in her print (just for you, too).

3. Louise, both poet and painter here, made a rich canvas of word and color (I so enjoyed the meaning behind it all).

4. Brynn, full of flavor and fun, brought this whimsical quote to real life. Check out her mad skills.

5. Erin finds art that rocks my world and now she's showing us (yes, tutorial) how to use Photoshop to make cool images (like this lovely) for ourselves.

6. ME! I've been wanting to do something with transparencies, Helvetica, and one of my favorite quotes/hymns (take it for your space, too). Read below to find out more.

Hugs to all these wonderful women who designed, crafted, and prepared one-of-a-kind awesomeness. I feel so blessed to be able to host it all here at Pars Caeli.

I can't wait to see what Louise has ready for us in November. Wanna join us?

If you'd like to download Julian of Norwich and my co-creation (smile), you can download it here. Julian was a woman far wiser than I with divine inspiration and knowledge of our place in God's plan. It is said that God appeared to Julian and spoke these words.

…All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.

Life's molehills and mountains can wear me out. And I can find myself staring more at my feet than looking ahead or around at the graces that lie right where I am. In the tumult I say to myself, All will be well. And now it's perched right at the bottom of our staircase to remind me as I walk my kiddos downstairs for breakfast or run frantically around to get myself ready to go.




Make It Monday: DIY Date

Happy Monday, friends! Can you believe we have just one more Monday left in September? I have something really fun to share with you all for Make it Monday!!

This is cordially for you (fellow bloggers, artsy crafty friends, skilled readers who want to give it a go):

What will you do with letters or numbers or ornaments? Keep in mind, this DIY can be electronic or printed/created as an object (have those cardboard letters at Michael's been calling your name, too?) or a framed print.

We've had some great supplies to work with these past few months! September was all about sharing the love. Check out the craft kits we created for the children of St. Jude's Research Hospital. In August we came up with some stylin' projects out of beads, and Louise, to celebrate her birthday, challenged us to give our projects to someone. Our first DIY date included washi tape and an experiment for me (that ended well).

Need some inspiration for this typography DIY? Check out these Pinterest boards:

I really hope you'll consider crafting something with us. It's all about having fun along the way. Reluctant new friends, we want you, too!!