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Printable Thank You Cards

This post is sponsored by Munchkin. Ideas and musings all from me. Thanks for supporting our sponsors.

A good party deserves great gestures of gratitude! And the rockstar of the show, Miss Amy Christie of This Heart of Mine has outdone herself.  Jen, Melissa, Ali, and I and the good people at Munchkin have loved showering on the goodies this week. Jen kicked it off with gorgeous welcome ribbon chandelier DIY, and Melissa brought the ultimate buffet with gourmet PB & J bar,  and we tossed around some multi-use table decor using colorful baby gear.

And now we have these sweet printable (free!) thank you notes from Amy! She's created them in three different palettes so they're good for any occasion.

She also has a photo of her little pipsqueak that you have to check out. So so sweet!

xoxo, MJ


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