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Changing things up

It's the fresh waft in the air, the undeniably new and dazzling color palette, and the treasured foods and decor that only come around this time of year.

I adore fall. I mean, I love summer, and spring brings such goodness, and there's nothing quite like a bright winter snow. But...

I am an autumn girl.

For a handful of years, I lived in wondrously warm, sunny climates that offered no change of seasons. And though I loved the ocean and swimming pools all year round, I felt incomplete without the shift into cooler temperatures, falling leaves, and apple orchards.

Pars Caeli went through a bit of a seasonal change this weekend. I've deepened the rainbow to reflect our new tones, added some new social media accents to keep you looking and following, highlighted some of my popular posts, and there are many more great additions to come...

When I began the Summer Edition of this blog, I wrote down all the fun experiences we wanted to have for the summer. Well, here we are again, and this post wouldn't be complete without a Fall Adventure List.

I'll be watermarking posts (thanks, Paige!) to make it more convenient for your to share ideas with your friends (or strangers, why not share the love?).

We waved our last goodbyes to summer with a dinner/splash party at our house. 8 kiddos under the age of 10 were fed, entertained, and sweaty (with no minor or major meltdowns) so I consider it a success.

How are you prepping for fall? Any ideas I could add to my list?




Grown-Up Goodness: Honoring Time

There they are. Three backpacks ready to head off to school tomorrow. My three little people leave the roost together to begin preschool, kindergarten, and second grade adventures. They are excited, slightly nervous, and really, really ready to go.

I am their mom. I'm a former teacher with a zest for learning. I'm an artist who sees the beauty in this moment. And I'm still a little bit of an emotional wreck.


We're coming to the close of all things summer around here. I'll be changing up my editorial calendar to reflect some new themes for Fall. Not quite sure what I'm moving onto next...but some wonderful things are headed this way.

I've always considered this time of year one of the most hopeful. I've been tied to the school calendar my whole life, and August means the return of something new. A guarantee of a fresh start.

And yet, the start of one thing means the close of another.

As I (nagged) told my children yesterday, this is the last summer that they will be 7, 5, and 2...enjoy it...enjoy each other...right as you are now.

And as the words came spluttering out, I wondered how much I'm heeding my own words? This has been my summer, too, with its goals, wants, successes, failures, and missed opportunities. There is so much I still would have loved to have crammed into these weeks. Time has been wasted on needless worries.

And so then insert helpful advice sent along from a friend...

I hope these words offer you a warm smile, a little relief, and a sense of peace as they did for me.

I believe it's very important that we honor the beginnings and the endings in life. And not just the big ones, but the smalls, too (the end of a season, the start of new classes and new projects, the loss of a dream, the birth of new friendships). We have to find time to celebrate them, to feel them, and to reflect upon them, allowing their wisdom to carry us forward into the next stage, the next hurdle, the next adventure.

I'm spending time today honoring all that has been and trying to wrap my head and love around all that has been missed or lost for the sake of the promise and the good.

Now is always the right time, friends. Let's celebrate it together.








Funday Fashion Monday: To the Windy City

Good Monday, everyone! I'm sending you greetings from the lovely city of Chicago. We're enjoying some fun family days here in the city, soaking up a fancy hotel, museums, parks, trains, and boats, too! I love Chicago, and I could really use some time away so cheers to a great few days!

How was your weekend?

I'm not sure what the weather has been like in your part of the globe, but here in the Midwest, we've been experiencing cooler (65 degree) weather and rain. It's put me in the mood for my favorite season, and though summer is so fun, I think I am ready for the beauties of autumn.

Today's look is a transitional summer/fall (or walking around a windy city) ensemble.


Those bright pants: Color blocking! Let's embrace it with some great skinnies!! Seriously, I think every gal should find a fun color of pants for the Fall.

That cool top: I've been eyeing some great Dolman-sleeve tops, and I love the material and neutral tone to this one.

Those shoes: Open toed booties still offer a hint of summer pedicures and the stylings of next season.

This scarf: Stripes and colorblocking. I love tying my scarf around my bag when the sun peeks through the clouds and warms things.

That green handbag: Keep a little green going into the autumn tones. This one is bright and can pack a whole lot in it.

Those pyramid studs: These are from a great Etsy shop in a rose gold. Fun and funky.

What are you most looking forward to wearing this Fall?