Itty Bitty Lovelies for Valentine's Day

Here's some new Friday fun for you, my lovely friends. Itty Bitty Lovelies will include some big and small ideas and links that I've found that won't require you to invest your entire weekend (or take a short vacation) to accomplish. These snippets are scrumptious morsels that you can work into your everyday and make it just a little bit more magical. I'm even throwing in a very practical tip or two that I've discovered during the week. Most of these will not be asteroids of unbelievability, but they may just make your life a little bit easier... and that would make me more than itty bitty happy.

1. Cinnamon Rolls in a Lovely Shape

Do you make the delectable cinnamon roll in your house? These look so good. You can move away from the traditional spiral to an endearing heart shape. Super easy with big impact! Check out the recipe over at Cake & Allie.


2. Monkey Love


This monkey craft is great for a class Valentine or a little homemade love for your near and dear. I'd love to see it in red and pink for an extra obvious Valentine feel. You can do this with the kiddos if you have a half hour to spare. The crafters over at Fiskars have all the info you need.


3. Everlasting Fortunes


Felt fortune cookies? Yes, I see them in your future. This one will be a trip to the craft store, but the finished effect is awesome...and would be perfect for that very special announcement or enduring declaration of love. The brilliant contributors over at Honest to Nod have the deets.


My itty bitty discovery this week?

I am a much happier human being if I can get school lunches and snacks packed before dinner. What's the big deal? I'm not sure, but it's definitely a daily pick-me-up to know that my evenings are clear for work, blogging, and chilling with the hubs rather than food prep. What's your thought?

It's big, bad, beautiful to be back with you all. Thanks for visiting. Come on back next week; we'll have a good time.