Here's the Scoop

Hello, beauties! Happy Monday to you. How was your Super weekend?

Did you watch the big game yesterday? I always tune in for the commercials, but the blackout and Beyonce's moves took it to a new level of interest for me. Memorable, for sure.

We spent the weekend inside of our own snow globe. It's been snowing pretty much non-stop, and the neighborhood looks immaculate, all covered in a fresh coat of white. The kids enjoyed sledding and building snow creatures (why limit it to snow men?), and I had the chance to go through boxes and nooks and crannies in my house that had not seen attention in over a year. We reorganized and cleaned areas much in need of some tender loving care.

Speaking of spaces in wont of attention... Pars Caeli is back, but returned in a different way. One thing I know for sure from my blogiatus (blog + hiatus) is that down time is fun, AND I miss the interaction and conversation from you lovelies. Where my people at?

So, here's what I'm thinking - at least for this moment - I'll be creating, mothering, and designing as usual, but I'll be touching base here three times a week. If you want the posts fresh (they taste better that way), then tune in Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. I can't promise I won't pop up other places and at other times, too, because, when it comes to blogging, a girl's just gotta have fun.

I have something to get you talking tomorrow... and every Tuesday. Come on back!

Wishing you a dashingly wonderful week because, well, you deserve it.


PS. Those are the heart-shaped cinnamon rolls from Friday's Itty Bitty. Total success.