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The Happiest Monochrome You Ever Saw

Hi, hello! How are you, friends? I feel like I've been on a silent retreat for a week, and now all I wanna do is gab and give you a hug to tell you how much you've been missed!!

Welcome to the new monochromatic Pars Caeli. I'm a girl in love with color so this is going out on limb for me, but I'm hoping this new ste up will allow all the colorful creations and inspirations to pop right off the page and into your life. I have some great fun planned for the coming weeks, and I'm completely grateful you're taking the adventure with me!!

Here's the skinny on what's up: for the fall semester (I still live my life according to the academic calendar), I'll continue my three days a week posting - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. A funny thing happened to my waistline over the summer - it expanded! And instead of putting on my freshman 15, I put on my indulgent summer 15, so I'm vowing to use my time away from the blog to animate this body back into motion. Yes, my friends, there's some nutrition, running, and yoga in my future. I don't one regret one s'more or second plate of pancakes - I let myself enjoy the loveliness of food - but now it's time to get back in the groove. Are you feeling it, too?

My hair got nine inches shorter with a bit more sass, and you're going to see some of that same busting out around here, too. We're talking weekly projects, new series, fresh collaborations and a whole lot of good time. Ya with me?

Are you ready for fall and the amazingness it brings? Check this out for a little bit of inspiration.

I'll see you here tomorrow to share our fall bucket list (is yours ready yet? Here's what we dreamed up last autumn). I'd love to hear what you're up to..

xoxo, MJ



Here's the Scoop

Hello, beauties! Happy Monday to you. How was your Super weekend?

Did you watch the big game yesterday? I always tune in for the commercials, but the blackout and Beyonce's moves took it to a new level of interest for me. Memorable, for sure.

We spent the weekend inside of our own snow globe. It's been snowing pretty much non-stop, and the neighborhood looks immaculate, all covered in a fresh coat of white. The kids enjoyed sledding and building snow creatures (why limit it to snow men?), and I had the chance to go through boxes and nooks and crannies in my house that had not seen attention in over a year. We reorganized and cleaned areas much in need of some tender loving care.

Speaking of spaces in wont of attention... Pars Caeli is back, but returned in a different way. One thing I know for sure from my blogiatus (blog + hiatus) is that down time is fun, AND I miss the interaction and conversation from you lovelies. Where my people at?

So, here's what I'm thinking - at least for this moment - I'll be creating, mothering, and designing as usual, but I'll be touching base here three times a week. If you want the posts fresh (they taste better that way), then tune in Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. I can't promise I won't pop up other places and at other times, too, because, when it comes to blogging, a girl's just gotta have fun.

I have something to get you talking tomorrow... and every Tuesday. Come on back!

Wishing you a dashingly wonderful week because, well, you deserve it.


PS. Those are the heart-shaped cinnamon rolls from Friday's Itty Bitty. Total success.