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Golden Pineapple Scarf for Cricut Design Space Star™

Disclosure: I am a member of the Cricut Blogger Network. I may receive prizes in exchange for my winning projects. Even though I am not being directly compensated for these posts, I am under consideration for a prize with Cricut Design Space Star. All opinions are 100% my own.


Sometimes I like to push the limits. When I received my Cricut Explore machine for the Cricut Design Space Star, I wanted to see just what this wonder could do. What materials can I use? How big can I go? How intricate?

How small?

I designed tiny pineapples - like half an inch small - and watched as the Explore trimmed out every little fiber and leaf at the top of the fruit. Pretty amazing. Along with my talented and Lucky #13 team, I wanted to create something with gold. Enter the glitzy glamour of Cricut gold glitter iron on material.

Pineapples are on trend, and when you keep them ultra small, they can accent any outfit really well.

To make yours, gather:

  1. Neutral scarf (I loved the juxtaposition of the soft gauze with the bold glitter)
  2. Gold iron on material
  3. Cricut Explore
  4. Iron/ironing board
  5. Parchment paper 

Step One: Design your tiny pineapples. I made an .svg file in Illustrator and uploaded them to the Cricut Design space. The program makes the best use of space for you! Switch the materials setting to Iron On, feed in your mat with the material in place, and watch the magic happen.

The precision of this task is pretty amazing.


Step Two: Remove the iron on material from the mat. This process is known as weeding. You may want to use a Cricut tool to help you carefully remove each pineapple. I accomplished this task while watching some TV with my kids. It's really fun to see the shape, with such detail appear from the page.


Step Three: Place your pineapples on your scarf in the desired pattern with the glitter side up. I did a line of fruit at each end and then a wide pattern for the rest of the scarf.

Step Four: With your iron on the non-steam setting, place a piece of parchment paper over 3-5 pineapples at a time. The iron on paper in the Cricut line adheres really quickly so you only need to move your iron back and forth over the parchment for 8-10 seconds.

Step Five: Remove the parchment and continue ironing the remaining pineapples.


I love the flash and subtlety of the finished scarf. And I'm already planning my fall wardrobe around it.

Why not put a pineapple on it? xoxo, MJ

My team, Lucky #13, has put together a wide variety of incredible projects. And you need to check out every single one! Find the links below. Vote for and pin your favorite projects!

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Gilded Popsicle Stick Garland

Ever since my craft date with Renee, I've been thinking about a fall banner to hang in our home. Homemade pom poms, something catchy in paper? In an attempt to be resourceful, I took a look-see in our craft cabinet to assess: modeling clay, glitter pipe cleaners, some beads...

Bingo: Mini popsicle sticks.

Now before you give up on me, let's look past the camp frames and pencil holder possibilities of the past and consider these magic sticks like small scale wooden pallets. Stacked together, they make a great flat canvas.

Painted with a gold leafing marker? These canvases might even sparkle.


To make your own, pull out your pack of Woodsies mini sticks, some cardboard, twine, glue or Modge Podge, and a gold paint marker.

Stack your popsicle sticks on a narrow piece of cardboard. Glue them in place, making sure to cover the edges of the cardboard.


Draw or stencil letters or symbols on your squares. Paint the remainder with your gorgeous gold marker. If you're really into highlights, add some with white chalk.


Bend the top portion of your cardboard rectangle.


And glue the twine (I braided mine for a bit more heft) to the back, folding the cardboard over it.


 The effect of the gold on the natural wood makes the sheen an interactive element in the banner.


I decided practicing gratitude was a mantra we could all use for fall and all year through. :)


This little project has me thinking of other banners, runner, placecards, and signs I can make using these super inexpensive and super easy to paint popsicle sticks.

What do you have hiding in your craft cabinet that can be reworked into something gilded?

xoxo, MJ